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Welcome to the home of the Boeing 737Talk podcast

Thank you for joining the crew of the B737Talk!

We're Mark and Ian and together we write and produce The 737 Talk. Thanks very much for joining us in our attempt to help increase our own 737 knowledge and hopefully, some of yours on the way too!

Mark and Ian have been Colleagues and friends for many years and when they came across to the 737 they decided to do their TRI course together. 

With Mark having years of training experience behind him up to TRE level and Ian being a relatively new instructor they manage to come at things from different angles, with different styles and techniques and hopefully compliment each other well.

During the Covid crisis in our industry we have found ourselves with free time. This, coupled with the want to remain as current as possible on type, led to not only the podcast but also to a new online training platform where we take you on a journey from briefing room, to sim and back to briefing room again for multiple system failure scenarios. We will grow this learning platform over the years and aim to make it a supplemental learning tool of great standing, exposing ourselves and you to numerous failures along with recommended techniques to produce a safe outcome.

Click the Button if you're interested to view our schools Homepage.

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